I finally got a mouse!

Today at BJs, I got a Logitech M305 wireless mouse for my laptop for about $19. Apart from boosting my pay rate by a couple dollars, it’s so convenient! (Sometimes, my computer’s touch pad decides to not sense my finger.) It’s very portable, as there is no wire to worry about, and more responsive than I would expect for being wireless. The description on the back also says that it will run for about 18 months, for a casual user, before you have to change the AA battery. : )

In other news, I’d like to share two things with you all: Game Booster and MemoryFox. The first is a program that closes unnecessary applications running in the background, allowing you to free up a significant about of megabytes. Ergo, much faster internet browsing and improved latency when playing games. I barely lagged at all after installing and running it – my gameplay was so deliciously smooth! ; ) And Memory Fox is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox reduces your memory usage, increasing your browsing speed as well. And believe me, there is a significant difference.


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