What’s In My Bag? (Beach Edition!)

Today, I spent the entire morning and afternoon at Long Beach with several of my old high school friends. I took this opportunity to get a nice, even, golden tan! As for what I took with me..

1. My trusty, colorful, soft, beach towel!
2. SPF 30 sunscreen. Never leave home in sunny weather without this!
3. My cosmetic case (for chapstick, lipgloss, compact mirror, etc.)
4. A change of clothes once I get tired of being in my swimsuit.
5. A wristlet I bought at NY&C (to hold money, ID, metrocards, etc.)
6. A hair comb, for when my locks get tangled in salty ocean water!
7. A book! In this case, The Lost Daughters of China by Karin Evans.
8. A hand fan. My ex-boyfriend bought this for me from Spain!
9. Of course, a pair of stylish sunglasses. : ) These were from H&M.

Here’s my friend Kate and I, enjoying the sun and breeze. ; )


One response to “What’s In My Bag? (Beach Edition!)

  1. Those sunglasses…so stylish ;-)

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