Today, I went to SoHo with my friend Jessica and our mothers. I absolutely love New York City – I would live in Manhattan if given the choice and opportunity. But before we get into that, I would like to point out how much I liked the way I curled my hair this morning! ; )

About two weeks ago, I found out that my mom lost my favorite umbrella/parasol that I bought from Trash and Vaudeville two years ago. It was really pretty – black with tiny white polka dots, and a frilly edge! So today, I sought to replace it. Because I grew up on Sanrio, I fell in love with this pink Hello Kitty umbrella the moment I laid eyes on it.

We also spent a good amount of time in a small boutique, where I picked up a ruffled, lacy top. A year ago, I would never have dared to try something on in white, because of my brown Filipino skin. But I’ve come to accept my natural color – some even find it exotic! XD

My mom bought a party dress while we were there, too. Because we’re about the same size, we’ll be sharing this one. Haha. We already share half of our wardrobes with each other anyway. :P

Until next time, loyal readers! :3


4 responses to “SoHo, NYC

  1. You should curl your hair every day.

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  3. Nice :D I adore the umbrella! Hello Kitty ftw! I absolutely love NYC. I cannot wait to come back one day. No city can ever rival the beauty and life I see when I step into New York, I don’t care what anyone says haha.

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