Pokémon: Soul Silver

For those of you who don’t know, my brother plays Pokémon competitively. We travel every year to go to the regional qualifiers, and he’s part of an internet guild that includes the top players in the country. And they only train for one reason: to win. And I assure you that my brother is very good. No words can explain accurately enough how much time goes into creating the perfect team – it’s more than just going out and leveling up; there are many strategies and statistics involved. Unfortunately, my brother lost his second round during the qualifiers this year due solely to an event that only has a 1/400 chance of happening. Talk about bad luck! There’s always next year, though.

Last night, my brother let me start a new game on his Pokémon: Soul Silver for the Nintendo DS! (In hopes that I may compete next year with him.) I’m way outdated, and haven’t played since the Red and Yellow version era when I was about nine years old – so naturally, I was excited. :D Of course, the first thing I did was name my rival “Asshole”.

I started out with a Cyndaquil, but got impatient and asked my brother to trade me a well-bred Totodile and some good items, too. XD The first thing I noticed was how user-friendly the entire game is. There’s an option for anything you can think of, and everything is organized so neatly! There are so many features and variables in the game – I could barely keep up. Base stats, natures, breeding, held items, EV training, apricorns, day-to-night, etc. I know I’m only playing this for fun, and not competitively like he does, but I still want to get the hang of this and make him proud. : )


2 responses to “Pokémon: Soul Silver

  1. What is your Cyndaquil’s name?

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