When I was much younger, I had skin problems – the typical acne that comes with puberty, ridiculously oily skin, fleeting patches of eczema, etc. When my mother started me on Proactiv during high school, it was like a godsend. My face cleared up entirely within a few weeks! Unfortunately, the conditions of being away at college for most of the year worked against its magic. Not only do I not receive some of the essential nutrients and vitamins that keep skin strong and healthy, but I was also prone to all sort of environmental damage.

Thus, the classic Proactiv treatment started to break down my skin – it actually deteriorated the surface to the point of leaving shallow scars underneath my right eye (that’s taking forever to disappear), temples, corners of my mouth, and under my nose. After consulting with my dermatologist, I found out that I had a very modest case of dermatitis indirectly caused by the Proactiv, and bought some super expensive prescription cream to help with the healing process.

Today, my mother just informed me that she bought us a gentler line of Proactiv that wouldn’t be as harsh. Meaning, the active chemical ingredients were found in smaller quantities. So, I’m giving this a second try. >.<;


3 responses to “Proactiv

  1. I never knew you had acne problems :( I battle with breakouts when I’m stressed excessively, but I usually suffer from intense eczema (eek!)

    G’luck with the Proactiv! My pediatrician had recommended I try it when I was in middle school when I had really bad acne, but I knew that my skin would probably dry out and peel horribly :O

  2. Maybe you should wait until the things are totally gone before trying Proactiv? Or do you think it won’t hurt it.

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