Android Lust

“Android Lust is the singular vision of Bangladeshi born Shikhee. Drawing elements from a variety of musical and artistic influences her music can perhaps best be described as a searing blend of venomous aggression, moody electronics, and alien eroticism.”

When my account recommended Android Lust to me a couple of months ago, based on the artists I already listen to, I felt compelled to download an album or two by her. And I was not disappointed. Though falling under the genres of darkwave, ebm, industrial, and electronic, Android Lust is a unique blend unlike anything else in my iTunes library. The closest would probably be Cindergarden, except Android Lust has a more subtle and ambient sound.

Though at times her music is described as aggressive, and her lyrics dark, I personally find the majority of her tracks to be calming – the melodies remind me of a modern ethnic chant or trance. The right sound effects and synths are applied at the right times, and during the drawn-out, dramatic sequences.. it’s almost chilling.

I was also ecstatic when I found out that Shikhee was Bangladeshi – there seriously needs to be more diversity in the music scene! The two albums by her that I have are “Resolution” and “Devour, Rise, and Take Flight”. I would definitely recommend Android Lust to anyone open-minded enough to listen, and I definitely plan on getting my hands on the rest of her albums as well.


One response to “Android Lust

  1. You have quite an interesting taste in music. I guess it’s always good to have some weirdness along with the mainstream in your library! For me it’s the 2000+ classical pieces xD

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