Refuse to Be Usual

A long time ago, I used to really be into Japanese street fashion – from gothic lolita to visual kei to j-punk, I adored how every look was so unique and attention-grabbing. And although I’ve matured beyond that, it’s always nice to look back! Refuse to Be Usual, a popular eBay store among fans of Japanese music and style alike, had me drooling over their goods every time I visited. And although I would never wear half of what they carry anymore, I still love (and would totally buy) their cute accessories!

RtBU just recently released a whole line of jewelry inspired by sweet foods. They have ice cream necklaces and donut earrings, but what I found so irresistible were their cake rings! Although each one is only about $5, I’m so bad at saving money that it’s taking every bit of self-control I have to not order some of these. : )

I also love the Vivienne Westwood inspired jewelry they have, bearing her signature Saturn design!

If it weren’t for my friend Edwin, who bought me a similar necklace, I’d probably be splurging a good chunk of my money on Vivienne Westwood knockoff jewelry on eBay right now. Here’s mine:

That’s all for now! And sorry that my posts aren’t as frequent as before, I’ve been working my ass off lately. ; )


4 responses to “Refuse to Be Usual

  1. I feel the same way. You kinda’ move past all the bright colors and uber cute designs at some point, but my gawd those rings…I may just need to get one xD.

  2. It kinda depresses me that I can’t pull off really fruitsy cute jewelry anymore without feeling silly :( Although I do indulge once in a while anyway. I recently got a gummi bear bracelet, I couldn’t help it! haha. A pair of cupcake earrings from that place though wouldn’t hurt either, I suppose :O

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