Last week, my friend Scott told me that he was working for a website called ChaCha, and that they were hiring. Since a little extra cash is always great to have, I went and applied. Last night, I just got the e-mail informing me that I got the position! My job as a ChaCha Guide basically involves answering people’s questions that they text to us. It’s very convenient, since I can work from home and choose my hours. The program we use to assist us in answering these questions is very easy to learn and navigate, too. Though the job may come out to a little less than minimum wage by the hour, depending on how efficient you are, it sure does save me public transportation costs! Nonetheless, I’m glad that I won’t be doing “nothing” this summer. I plan on spending my hard-earned money towards some delicious things to share with you all here. : )

In other news, I have FiOs Internet & Cable installed now! :D National Geographic channel, ftw.


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  1. Computers are useless; they can only give you answers.

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