Garnier Nutrisse: #535 Medium Golden Mahogany Brown (Chocolate Caramel)

For those of you who don’t know my history with hair dye.. I’ve been coloring my hair regularly since I was about 11. I’ve probably been through over 45 boxes of drug store hair dye in these past 9 years. Let’s just say that I get bored of my natural black hair WAY too often. : ) I’ve also been dyeing my mother’s hair about every three months, for as long as I could remember. And when any of my friends color for the first time, I’m the first one they call. ; )

Since I tend to go lighter in the summer, and darker in the winter, I picked out a vibrant shade of brown this time. The box describes Chocolate Caramel by Garnier Nutrisse to be a medium, golden, mahogany brown. (I choose warm browns with a red base because of my skin tone.) Last time I colored my hair, it came out burgundy (red with hints of purple), but eventually faded to a boring light brown. Besides, I can’t stand it when my roots grow out any longer than an inch. >.<

To be honest, I wasn’t too happy with the outcome. I’ve had good experiences with Garnier Nutrisse before, and each time the color has made a dramatic difference. But apart from the roots, this color was only subtle. Hopefully, natural sunlight will lighten it with time – I’ve had brown dye make my hair look black before, but within two weeks of being in the sun, it lightened to the color indicated on the box. :P


9 responses to “Garnier Nutrisse: #535 Medium Golden Mahogany Brown (Chocolate Caramel)

  1. Picture number 1 looks good. Of course that’s with lots of flash. Maybe it’ll look shinier in the coming daiz.

    • Haha, I used the default flash on my camera. You’ll see on webcam.. tonight? And yeah, I haven’t been straightening my hair every day like I do at school, so it’s slowly becoming healthier. XD

  2. Yea, don’t worry! After about a week in the sunshine, your hair’s true color shall show! haha. I actually used Garnier also when I dyed mine a week or so ago. I used the auburn red or something, and my hair is usually stubborn when it comes to changing color, but it worked after I stopped brooding that it still looked black initially :)

  3. my natrual hair color is a darkish light brown. i dyed my hair red. lyke a burgundy color and i dyed it already 3 times in less than a year. im 13 and my hair color keeps on fading to an ugly dusty copper. :/ but i want red hair. so i keep on dying it. does that color make it look lyke red or brown? my hair copper right now and ima dye it today. should i dye it medium mahogany brown or auburn brown or burgundy? remember i want it to be a shiny red. can be a darky red. but it HAS to be red. i dont want to dye it then it looks brown. HELP!!

  4. BTW i live in florida so there’s LOTS of sunshine

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