Handbags @ Zappos.com

Last night, my boyfriend sent me a link to Zappos because he’s been looking for a new pair of shoes. I’ve seen advertisements for the website before, but I’ve never actually browsed. And I was actually surprised at the huge selection of.. everything. Apart from shoes, they also carry  clothes, bags, accessories, cosmetics, etc. What really hooked me: the free shipping. I then spent the next hour drooling over designer handbags. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I must have this purse.

Volcom Mega Watt Hobo. <3 Additionally, the website has also revived my love for Harajuku Lovers. But since I already own two HL purses, my lust for the brand isn’t as strong. XD Nonetheless, the whole line is pretty effing adorable.


6 responses to “Handbags @ Zappos.com

  1. I came across that first one while narrowing my search down for you, but I didn’t think it was your style. I believe it was you who just told me “I don’t like black bags” ;-)

  2. LOVE Harajuku Lovers bags! Another one on my hitlist to buy muwahah. But I digress :) My mom always tells me about Zappos, but I’m afraid to buy shoes online because I like to try them on first. Which is why I rarely online shop to begin with haha.

    • I agree! I never buy clothes or shoes online for that reason. XD Btw, there’s a department store in the city called Century 21. I bought my Harajuku Lovers bags there for 50% off! Kristiana is a huge purse fanatic, and took me there once. Everything is a steal. :)

      • hohoho! I love Century 21! I believe there is also one on Long Island somewhere, and they opened up a store behind Queens Center Mall? or it should be opening up soon :)

  3. There are lots of super children’s shoes about just now, manufacturers appear to recently had a creative vein. I am particularly loving Italian Lelli Kellys.

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