Perfect World

After my friend Jessica recommended it to me, I downloaded and started playing Perfect World. In a nutshell, it’s a Chinese-themed fantasy mmorpg. You can play as four races: Human, Winged Elf, Untamed (Beast), and Tideborne. And depending on your race, you can then select a class to play as: Blademaster, Wizard, Archer, Cleric, Barbarian, Venomancer, and Psychic. I made two female characters, a human wizard and an elven cleric.

Pros: As I was making my characters, I really liked how much freedom you had when choosing what you looked like. I also liked how easy it is to level – I reached level 7 within the first 30 minutes of playing the game. The casting time for spells are generally shorter than other games I’ve played, though not the ability cooldowns. I also found it easy to make money simply by killing mobs. There’s an auto-path feature that runs your character to any selected NPC you’ve spoken to before, but the AI is pretty stupid and has you running into walls all the time.

Cons: The very first thing I noticed were the difficulties I was having with the controls and camera angles. Additionally, there’s no tutorial on how to do things – you’re pretty much thrown into the world to figure things out on your own. The quests are tedious, don’t give enough exp, and their descriptions are somewhat vague. Because the world is very large, it’s a little difficult to get places and know your way around at first. I wish there was more than a large world map and a tiny radar map – finding NPCs can be difficult at first. Also, many of the quests urge you to spend real money on the game in their Item Shop. This shameless self-advertising is somewhat of a turn-off for me. Finally, the game wasn’t worth the file size and hours it took to download – the graphics and gameplay are only mediocre.

Overall, Perfect World is something I wouldn’t invest large amounts of my time playing. I plan to uninstall it from my laptop asap. And for those of you wondering, I’m still playing Allods Online as an Arisen Sorceress. ; ) Ever since getting past level 10, it’s been a much more interesting and fun game to play. I even got my boyfriend to join, haha. I can’t wait to PvP!! :D


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