Looks Inspired By: Amelia Arsenic

Amelia Arsenic is also known as Destroyx, the lead singer of Australian industrial cybergoth band Angelspit. Apart from being a musician, she is also an artist, designer, and fashionista. She even runs her own jewelry and makeup line, called Miss.X Aesthetics Laboratory. Her looks inspire me because they’re loud, fierce, and edgy, yet still feminine with a dash of cute.

Though I love her style to death, I admit that a lot of her outfits are not as practical to us in real life as they are on stage to her when she’s performing or touring. Thus, thanks to Polyvore, I’ve put together some looks based on Amelia’s killer fashion sense –ranging from casual to dressy. ;D

As you can tell, her signature colors are black, red, and white. Her style emphasizes the importance of makeup and accessories to complete an outfit, particularly eye-catching hair pieces and jewelry. All it takes is some confidence to pull these looks off. : )


2 responses to “Looks Inspired By: Amelia Arsenic

  1. She’s cute! I love her style. So fierce, baby! :)

  2. I love the fashion collages you made inspired by her! That Polyvore website is really interesting :)

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