Spotlight: Amanda Palmer

When I first heard of Amanda Palmer, I must have been about thirteen years old. She was the front-woman of The Dresden Dolls, a punk cabaret duo, and I admired her. Being the singer and pianist, her voice was not the typical popstar range and tone (which was all the rage with my friends at that age), and maybe that’s what drew me to her. And from her wild personality, to her tattooed eyebrows, to her fashion sense from another time period, she was just different from anything I’ve ever seen or heard before.

Years pass by, and I’m sixteen. They release their second album, “Yes, Virginia..”, and I fall in love again. The play on words throughout every track touches me. Fast forward another two years, I’m eighteen, and my friend Peter buys me their third album: “No, Virginia..” With every new record, I recognize Amanda developing into a more mature musician and writer, while still maintaining her signature theatrical presence on stage and off.

Then, with the start of college, I kind of lost touch with a lot of my favorite artists – I was never up to date with album releases, live performance tours, etc. (Mostly because a new group of friends were trying to introduce a different kind of music scene to me.) And I hate to admit that I have only recently taken a listen to Amanda’s solo album, two years too late. XD

“Who Killed Amanda Palmer” is a work of art, from beginning to end. Each track seamlessly transitions into the next, and unlike her albums with The Dresden Dolls, the lyrical content and subject matter does not skip around randomly. Though she may add a bit of dark humor into he lyrics, it’s tastefully done. It’s her best album yet, in my opinion. Take a listen on YouTube, and hear for yourself. My favorite songs off the record are: “Runs in the Family”, “Leeds United”, and “Oasis”.

And since announcing her engagement with Neil Gaiman (the genius behind The Sandman, Stardust, and Coraline), I’ve been ecstatic. I follow them both on Twitter, and they’re the sweetest couple ever. :’) Well, that’s it for today! I hope to be doing more of these spotlights in the near future. :D


2 responses to “Spotlight: Amanda Palmer

  1. Sweetest couple ever, next to us of course.

    I like her hair!

    • Haha. Oh, you. : ) Really? Now that you mention it, I’ve never seen her with hair any longer than how she keeps it in those photos. But it suits her personality! :D

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