Japanese Dekoden

Dekoden is a term referring to a trend that was made popular in Japan among young girls and women involving the decoration of their cell phones, usually with very girly rhinestones and charms. Nowadays, it can mean “blinging up” pretty much anything practical in your purse. I’ve known Korean girls who deco their phones, iPods, contact lens cases, glasses cases, compact mirror, etc.

I was first introduced to dekoden by accidentally coming across some kits being sold on the Tokyo Rebel website, and wondering why they cost so much. After looking up its role in Asian pop culture, I began taking interest, mostly because my mother raised me to be creative – I was always doing arts and crafts as a kid. Besides, how could I resist with all the pretty/shiny/fabulous possibilities?

After doing some research on different dekoden suppliers, and watching this YouTube video, I finally decided to try it out for myself. This morning, I made a small order for silicone adhesive glue, faux pearls, and wine red roses from Strapya World. I was actually surprised at how cheap the total was, compared to other websites. (Only $8!)

Of course, I’m expecting the package to last me a couple of uses and items. Some of the dekoden I see on Google Images can be a little over-the-top, and so are the young women who claim to spend well over $60 on decorating one small gadget. (A little ridiculous, in my opinion.) In the meantime, I’ve been deconstructing some of my old jewelry that I never wear anymore with a small pair of pliers. I thought that maybe I could recycle the charms for this little project. : )

Some more dekoden photos I found on Flickr:

Until next time! :3


5 responses to “Japanese Dekoden

  1. ‘scuse me while I drool at all the pink fabulousness. It’s kinda’ Lady Gaga-esque <3

  2. I liked & was inspired by the DS one for about 2 minutes. And then I realized I love my Final Fantasy IV game case more & couldn’t bear parting with it. Call me a hardcore FF fan, but there some adorable things I that can’t sway me ;) It is an interesting hobby though!

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