Express: Classy & Mature

When I imagine the way I dress when I’m older, I immediately think of Express. Though the majority of their clothing styles and price tags may not suit my current budget, I can definitely see myself wearing their look in a couple of years. In my eyes, Express is all about looking classy and mature while maintaining the edginess and sex appeal that every modern woman still wants as they grow older. The store itself just seems very New York City to me – their style easily targets the fashionable, working, professional woman. On the Express website, they even let you filter their apparel by occasion: office attire, night-out ensembles, or casual outfits.

The first thing that led me to love Express, though, is how they make expensive trends available for a reasonable price. I remember a few years ago, I couldn’t find wristlets being sold anywhere other than from designer labels. Express made it affordable for girls like me to find a small, quality wristlet for those nights we don’t want to carry much on us at all. Of course, they now can be found at pretty much any store, but I say that Express did it first. : ) I really love the black crocodile print of this one, but it’ll probably be sold out by the end of the week:

I want, want, want! >.<;


9 responses to “Express: Classy & Mature

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  2. I like their stuff too.. but I still find them very expensive I don’t find them reasonably priced at all. I got a really nice pair of dress pants there that I got a lot of compliments on.. >.> they were well over $100, and I only got them because it was one of the only stores where I could find smaller sizes in the women’s dept. I find that NYC&Co. has similar stuff at lower prices, especially when they go on sale.

    • I love NY&C, too, but in my experience their clothes are a bit cheaply made. And Express IS expensive, but only because we’re looking at it from a poor college student’s point of view, lol. XD And $100 for a pair of dress pants is ridiculous. o_O I was talking more about the quality of their casual wear and accessories being reasonable. <3

  3. Hopefully one day we shall be able to twirl prettily in front of a mirror wearing all that without feeling like we need to sell an organ to compensate for how much we spent on it >.<.

  4. But would you rather have that or one of the coach bags?

  5. I do like Express’s style, but I don’t think I have the physique for it haha. It reminds me more of my sister & the way she dresses. I do like NYC&Co. bags sometimes since they always go on sale. Momma loves it when I buy her things from there.

    • Haha, I don’t think I have the physique, either. But you know what? No matter your size or shape, I believe there’s always a way to make it work. : ) My mom loves NY&C, too! Whenever I go out, she always asks me to pick up something nice for her from there. XD

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