Restaurant Nippon

Today, I had an amazing day in the city with my friend Mia. After meeting her at the Abercrombie & Fitch on 5th avenue where she works, we made our way to Starbucks for drinks to pass time until Restaurant Nippon opened for dinner at 5:30. Nippon was a very quaint Japanese restaurant. I loved the interior design and the traditional vibe. The waitresses wore yukatas!

I ordered hot Soba noodles with shrimp tempura, and Mia ordered Sukiyaki and Sake. ; ) It was all VERY delicious, and they served us green tea after our meal. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone, and I would come back here again if given the option.

Afterwards, we spent some time in H&M. The packaging for their beauty products and hosiery just made me want to buy everything in the store. >.<; They even had cupcake lipgloss!

Lastly, here’s some camwhoring by us. :D


2 responses to “Restaurant Nippon

  1. What nice pictures! Good to see a semi-food post by you :-)

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