The Wonders of Google and Skype

The other day, I received a call to schedule a job interview appointment with Vector Marketing, for which I signed up for via Shortly after receiving additional information, such as interview location, I was curious as to what I was getting myself into. (Since starting college, I’ve made it a habit to Google anything I don’t know or don’t understand.) After doing a quick background check on the company, I discovered that Vector Marketing is known for scamming college students. I even looked up the street view of my interview location, and it was just a shady attic above an auto garage. =/

I quickly called back to cancel my interview, and upon telling the receptionist that I was no longer interested in the position, she put me on the line with a man who claimed to own the company. He was very unprofessional, made snide remarks, and was overall very arrogant and condescending. Not wanting to put up with the jerk, I hung up and that was that. This experience really put into perspective how technology has changed our lives. Information is so readily available, that you can research your options before making an important decision.

The more I think about it, the more I realize how easy it is to look up reviews on anything before investing any time or money into it. Of course, the source must be reliable, but even then it’s a huge advantage when you’re a broke college student. I can’t count all the times I’ve read reviews on restaurants, musicians, shows, products, and based my final decision on what I’ve read. In my opinion, this effectively filters out quality services and goods from the rest of the junk out there. At the same time, it may make the younger generations more gullible to anything they read on the internet.

And I know I’ve already made a similar post about Skype on my other blogs last winter, but I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am for it. With myself living in New York City, and my boyfriend living by Boston, these next three months of summer vacation would strain our relationship if not for the wonders of technology. Just this morning, we had brunch together via webcam. : )

When I’m away at school for most of the year, I keep in close contact with my younger brother via webcam and texting. To be honest, a lot of people say technology is the downfall of our generation, but I believe that if you keep it in moderation and use it for the simple things that make you happy.. I say go on ahead.


10 responses to “The Wonders of Google and Skype

  1. Technology doesn’t kill intimacy, it just changes it. And the same dumb kids who’ll believe everything on the school bus will treat the webz the same. Cute blog!

    • Thanks, Shira! :D It makes me grateful for not growing up during the World War II era, when exchanging a letter with your loved one could take months. Hope you’re having a good summer so far!

  2. Love Skype. Wonderful thing webcams are. It’ really interesting how a telephone call and webcall are two different experiences with a simple difference of images. Some things cannot be put into words, and it’s so much easier to comfort someone when you can see them.

    Blah Vector. Horrible place. I remember they sent out mass snail-mails to kids graduating out of high school during the summers. If you don’t mind the commute, there was a great job I interviewed for in Roosevelt Field. It was for a waitress in the Nordstrom Cafe. Good money, has tips, and is much smaller serving area than a typical waitress job. They usually hire between for change in seasons.

    G’luck! Enjoy the fantastical summer!

    • Yeah, I never got those advertisements in the mail, so I was pretty much walking into the job offer blindly. >.< And thanks for the info about the waitressing! I may check it out if I find out that all of my local restaurants aren't hiring. And you dave a great summer, too! : )

  3. Omg, I keep getting mails from Vector for a job interview. But, eh, I was actually going to research about them, but now, you told me about the man who claimed to own the company and the scamming — I changed my mind, lol. I need a job really, haha.

    And, btw, I love Skype! :)

    • Ugh, Vector is so annoying. They didn’t cancel my interview appointment even after I called and they keep e-mailing me to reschedule it. =/ Good thing you’re not applying now. XD

  4. Told my mom about the Vector Marketing thing today. She had a similar experience when she was in school. They wanted her to go door to door selling encyclopedias. She declined xD

  5. I got a letter from Vector earlier this week. And I thought it was suspicious so I looked it up right away! I have a friend that actually fell for it a couple of years back though -.-

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