Celestial Seasonings – Tea Variety Pack

I love tea. I used to drink an average of three or four cups a day. I’m ashamed to say that this past semester, I barely put in the time or effort to make myself even one. I say that breaks from school are a time for changes – and my “summer resolution” is to drink more tea! Hopefully, this will lead me to have a healthier diet and lifestyle. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. XD Today at BJ’s, I picked up a variety pack by Celestial Seasonings.

This box contains a grand total of 80 teabags! Which I will definitely finish by the end of summer. :P The pack includes four varieties of tea, two of them green and the other two herbal: Honey Lemon Ginseng, Antioxidant Supplement, Cinnamon Apple Spice, and Sleepytime.

With the help of this lovely teakettle, which my boyfriend Michael bought for me over winter break, I steeped myself a cup of Antioxidant Supplement. It’s a very smooth green tea with hints of white tea and citrus. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than spending a quiet night alone with a quality cup of tea. : )


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