Allods Online

For the past couple of days, I’ve been keeping myself busy with Allods Online, a FREE fantasy-genre mmorpg. : ) You can play as two “factions”, the League (good guys) or the Empire (bad guys), and six races: Kanians, Elves, Gibberlings, Xadaganians, Arisen, and Orcs. Their are also MANY “classes” to choose from and specialize in, as seen here. I created two characters – an Elven Demonologist and an Arisen Sorceress. :D

I find the gameplay to be a strange crossover between World of Warcraft and Runescape. o_O

Pros: The graphics are above average for a free game, I must admit. I also enjoy the plethora of quests to do, and the rewards that come with them. Money is fairly easy to acquire in this game, and the controls are very keyboard-friendly; I don’t need to plug a USB mouse into my laptop like other games practically require you to. I don’t mind the battle system – it’s designed so you won’t keep spamming the same attacks/spells all the time, because each have their advantages and disadvantages. The plot/storyline/dialogue of the game via conversations with NPCs is also pretty interesting and in-depth. Plus, the stat-point system is very thorough, and I like the feature of being able to reset and reallocate all your stat or talent points if you happen to build your character incorrectly.

Cons: The game moves very slowly.. plot-wise and leveling-wise. Though the highest level you can reach is only 40, it comes to a point where your next level-up seems like a million experience points away because the local enemies are barely giving you any. Thus, you’re left to rely on quests (and the goblin innkeeper) for exp, only to realize that you’re not ready for most of them because you’re underleveled. D: The best features of the game like PvP, professions, stronger equipment, talent grid, etc. are available as soon as you reach level 10, but are only enjoyable if you’re at much higher level (which I don’t think many people will have the motivation to work towards) and have a ton of money. I also think the character customization could have been more detailed; pretty much all of the elves I run into look exactly the same. Also, travelling from area to area is a pain because the maps are so large in between each teleportation portal. Especially when you begin a quest that requires you to auto-run for 10 to 15 minutes to get to your destination. -_-;

Overall, it’s a decent game – not the most unique or captivating, but something for someone to try if they happen to have a few slow or lazy days this summer. : ) I don’t imagine I’ll be playing any longer than for the rest of this week, since all my friends will be done with school by then and finally be free to hang out. ; )


3 responses to “Allods Online

  1. So you still haven’t found something for us to play together! Back to Gunbound? xD

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