Trend: Bows, bows, bows..

It may be apparent by now, but I have this enormous love for girly accents and accessories. You name it – lace, frills, ruffles, flowers, hair clips, jewelry, etc. But lately, I’ve really been loving BOWS. Nowadays, you can find them becoming popular everywhere! (Thanks to Alice in Wonderland and Lady Gaga) I was actually planning on buying myself one of those really inexpensive headbands with the huge side bow next time I was at the mall. But after digging through some junk while I was at home this weekend, I found this:

I love finding things I never knew I had! It’s like free shopping. XD And finding this headband reminds me that I should start wearing my other one more often. My friend Yong bought this for me at Forever 21 last year:

But what I really find super cute are the Lady Gaga hair bows popping up at online shops. Several magazines I’ve read rave about Cotton Candy Sugar Rush, the first shop to start producing them. If it weren’t for the price, and my currently uneven hair color, I would totally get myself the one in black. : )


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