In Search of Floral Patterns

So yesterday, Mike and I took a trip to Smith Haven Mall. (There’s not much to do on a college campus during finals week, believe me.) He went in with the intentions of finding “business casual” button-up shirts for work this summer, and I had something specific in mind for myself. Back in my dorm room, I had taken a look in my closet and for the first time acknowledged that maybe I had too much black in there. Just about everything I own comes in some dark or neutral color – black, plum, navy blue, grey, etc.

Thus, I decided that it was time for me to get into season and incorporate some brighter colors into my wardrobe, one piece at a time. The floral trend has always struck me as delicate and oh-so-very-feminine, which I absolutely loved. But because I was only on a $20 budget, I felt a little limited. At least I had three obvious (but favorite) store options – Forever 21, H&M, and Charlotte Russe. Unfortunately, there was nothing to my liking in any of those. Lucky for me, though, Delia’s was having a sale. ; D I picked up this lovely nude-based top for $19.

Oh, and we took Pikabooth (the Americanized version of Japanese purikura photobooths) photos while we were there, too. : D

Btw, he never found his shirts. :<


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