Beaucon Vibrant Match Green

Ok, a little bit of old news here.. but we’ve got to start somewhere, right?

About a month ago, my friend introduced me to the wonders of circle lenses. They’re colored contact lenses made popular in Korea, that are specifically designed to show up on dark irises. Because larger eyes are widely considered beautiful in many parts of Asia, circle lenses give the illusion that your eyes are bigger. After doing a lot of research, reading a ton of reviews, and watching a bunch of lens care YouTube videos, I finally decided to buy my own pair.

Honey Color, the website I ordered from, was highly recommended by several members of these two forums I lurked around. There was a wide selection of brands, a well-designed layout, and a very helpful section of photos submitted by previous customers. Because I don’t have my own credit/debit card or Paypal account, I gave Mike cash to order it for me. : P The price of the actual lenses were $25.90, and an additional $3 or so for shipping. The package was shipped from Malaysia, and arrived at my campus mailroom in six business days.

Color (5/5) I honestly wasn’t expecting the lenses to be so.. vibrant. XD The green is very bright, deep, and rich – it shows up amazingly on my dark brown eyes! They’re very eye-catching, and many people noticed right away. Although the shade of green is a bit unnatural, that’s how I prefer them. Why buy cosmetic lenses just to look ordinary?

Design (4/5) First of all, I really like how there was a very natural-looking brown limbal ring (the dark ring outside of the “iris”). Most of the lenses I had also considered buying had a very thick, black ring for maximum enlargement. I was afraid getting a pair like those would make me look like an alien. >.<; As for the colored design, it looks fine from a conversational distance but I think it’s a little fake-looking up close and in flash photos. The inner clear circle for your pupils are a bit uneven, too, but barely noticeable.

Comfort (4/5) When I wear them throughout the day, I barely feel like I’m wearing them at all. And this may just be because I’m a first time contact lens wearer, but sometimes they dry up my eyes within 3 or 4 hours of wearing them. But I usually only wear them for about 6 hours a day, and have had no problems.

Overall, my experience with Beaucon Vibrant Match Green circle lenses has been a good one. I get compliments all the time, which makes me want to buy another pair or two from other brands in different colors. Honey Color was even nice enough to send me a free lens case with my order!

The only thing I would do differently next time is order from another store. It was only after I already made the payment to Honey Color that I found other sites that offer circle lenses for a better deal, such as Tokio Shine and Charlene’s Shop. Nonetheless, I can say that I’m completely satisfied with my purchase. I would definitely recommend any girl to buy a pair of circle lenses, as they bring more attention to your eyes and face. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with a little change once in a while. : )


3 responses to “Beaucon Vibrant Match Green

  1. The blog is really nice one and full of information we appreciate the kind of information you have provided in this post. This is nice lance and you looking is very beautiful.

  2. I heard about circle lens, like a year ago. I’ve always wanted to try it, but I was a little too scared since I don’t even think I look good without my glasses. Lol. But I love the green! I wanna try gray, or purple, but it looks weird, haha.

  3. wearing contact lenses is sometimes hard and you always need to clean it for hygiene “:”

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